The new terms of all classes in the New Year commence the week beginning the 7th January.   


Ufford Duplicate recomences on the 4th January.  


Details of all classes are here.





BRIDGE:  the game you never regret learning!

Playing Bridge is something that anyone can do; it is a sociable and enjoyable pastime, and as challenging as you want it to be. 

Bridge classes are the best way to learn and to improve your game for most people.  Good teaching will help you to grasp the essentials of the game in a way that builds a good foundation to develop your skills over time.

Whether teaching a beginner or someone wanting to improve, I aim to present the skills and knowledge of the game in a way that everyone can understand, and thus enable all my students to get the most enjoyment from playing Bridge.


My Bridge Classes to learn to play Bridge, or to improve your game.

  • My Beginners class starts each September, on Thursday mornings - no previous knowledge is required. Classes continue for two further terms finishing around the end of May.

  • My Improvers class also starts each September on Thursday mornings. This is suitable for new students who have completed a Beginners class, and also as a refresher for any bridge player.

  • Supervised Play classes combine tutorials and practice hands with random deals, with bidding and play reviewed at each table for each hand. These are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and Thursday afternoons. Please enquire if there are any spaces available.

  • For students to keep up their playing, Practice Play sessions take place through the summer after conclusion of Beginners and Improvers classes.

  • I run a weekly Duplicate Bridge at Ufford on Friday mornings for students to improve their game and enjoy friendly competitive bridge.  I use computer dealt hands to give everyone some good cards every week, and I score the session before you leave.  The hands and scores are uploaded to the website afterwards.  See the Ufford Duplicate page for more details.


For details of NEW CLASSES for Beginners and Improvers starting in SEPTEMBER 2018, and also for Supervised Play classes, see the 2018-19 Classes page.


Details of Bridge Classes for the current year, starting in September 2017, are on the 2017-18 classespage.


  • make an enquiry about any class or bridge session,  or
  • would like to enrol or go on the waiting list for a class,

then please get in touch using the
Contact page.